Sunday, March 20, 2011

Work Day and Beach Picnic

We decided to stay at the apartment on Friday and get a lot of work done. We each worked on something different as there were a lot of things that needed (and still need) to be done. I started to look at the data we collected from the AUV run the other day while others worked on documenting data and procedures, visualizations, and creating mosaics of the sonar scans from the cisterns (among other things). It was also exciting to see the first run of SLAM on the archives cistern and how our work is finally coming together.

For lunch, we decided to take a break and take a picnic lunch to the beach just a block from our apartment. It was a gorgeous day out and the sunshine and fresh ocean air were a welcome relief to all. We walked along the rocky shore and looked for fish, shrimp, crabs and other small marine life in the tide pools before settling down for lunch.

After lunch, Tyler, Chris and I took the opportunity to go for a short swim in the Mediterranean. The water was chilly but not too bad and we really wished we had brought goggles down with us to see more in the beautiful blue water. It was very relaxing out there though and interesting to note how much saltier the water here is compared to the Pacific ocean. As we were getting out, Tyler also helped a Maltese women pick some sea grass/plants from the side of the rock. She was very happy and told us that she cooks it and that it's good for her heart. Who would've known.

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