Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Visualizing the Maltese Archipelago

Over the past few weeks we have been making significant progress on our visualizations of Malta, and finally have a presentable draft of our progress.

Our goal is to create a tool that can be used to educate others about our research which will include a visualization of Malta as well as 3D maps of cisterns with accurate textures and some information from each site. A few of us have been working on creating an accurate representation of the island. We currently have a low quality 3D representation of Malta with bright green pins at cistern locations we have mapped.

Below are some pictures of our progress.

(upper left) The above is a zoomed out picture of Malta and some of the surrounding seabed. There are green pins in some of the cistern locations we have gathered data from.

(upper right) A larger image of the Maltese mainland with a clearer view of some of the places we have visited.

(below) Another zoomed out view with surrounding ocean.

We are currently working on creating a higher quality geometric representation of the island. This will eliminate the blue color seen in the area in between the islands of Malta (the largest and southernmost island) and Gozo (the northernmost island) in the last picture. We are also working on reducing the amount of time it takes to draw the island as there is noticeable lag when moving the camera.

We hope to have a much improved version soon.

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