Friday, March 25, 2011

More Data Processing (i.e. Spring Break on Malta)

So despite this week being our "Spring Break" back home, the majority of hours this week were spent on our computers attempting to organize the massive amounts of data that we've collected during our time here.

One priority was creating a database with Microsoft Access . There wasn't much experience working with the program, but after some tutorials and some figuring, we were able to organize a great deal of our data in one convenient location. Here is a partial screenshot:

This gives easy access to locations, latitudes and longitudes, depths, videos, sonar scans and more. Timmy reviewed it earlier today and was "speechless" which I believe makes the entire trip a success.

But it's not all database stuff. Visualizations need to be created / debugged using the data, pictures and videos need to be sorted, blogs need to be written. and backups of everything need to be made. Not to mentioned prepping our equipment for travel by cleaning and organizing it. We're also creating DVDs for people on Malta that have helped us in our explorations which includes owners and archaeologists. After creating videos, mosaics, compiling data and creating a database, the DVDs will have 1,337 files of our time here. A number to be extra proud of!

So for those that are terribly jealous that our spring break is in beautiful Malta, realize we've been working non-stop! But continue being jealous.

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