Sunday, March 20, 2011

More Projected Geometry

Projected geometry has improved! Surface extraction for a cistern has made it through the pipeline and (as shown below) is now visualized. At the moment, we have a simple keyhole cistern... one of the most common outline shapes for cisterns. It is interesting to see how the sonar scans picked up other objects at the level of the scan that have been interpolated into vertical barriers (seen as pillars).

In addition to surface extraction, I now have multiple projections that can be merged together as a mosaic on the wall of the cistern. Below you can see the mosaic merged together in Microsoft Word on the left. On the right, the same mosaic is replicated in the 3D environment on a wall of the keyhole cistern. The images are actually taken from the ISIS boat trip. On the ISIS, we recorded the ROV's video of the shipwreck. From the video, I took screenshots that represent sequential frames of different features of the shipwreck. With a little patience, I put the images together (as accurately as I could) to represent the shipwreck.

This process will be the same for combining images from the all of the surveyed sites with their corresponding geometry. The mosaic process of projective texturing still has a lot of work to help streamline the process more. Just for the record... this is all REALLY cool :P

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