Thursday, February 10, 2011

Tourism shapes industry - Abstract

The development of a country is often measured through the success or lack thereof of the industrial sector. Through continued dependence on foreign support Malta failed to develop in industry and technology until after its independence in 1964. In addition, industrial growth has been limited by the lack of natural resources available on the island - water and energy are limited. By considering the natural resources available, the history of industry on the island, and analysis of its current economic status, the impact of tourism on the country can be assessed. In Malta, tourism is an important economic contributor and has shaped the more recent industrial development. Tourism is important to the island of Malta given how industry has been formed around it, however, this has been a detriment to the islands technological development. These detriments can be seen through the struggle with natural resources of water and oil, the absence of manufacturing prior to 1959, and the absence of a unique industrial field.

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  1. The beginning of your abstract states how industrialization is the measure of a country’s development. The remainder of your paragraph exhibits an analysis of why Malta has had trouble developing in industry. Both of these concepts are important in organizing the thesis you propose—that is that tourism has stunted the industrial improvement of the state. It makes sense that Malta would favor tourism over industry and technology due to the lack of resources you mentioned. What would be interesting would be to see not only why tourism prevented development of technology, but why Malta decided finally to embrace science and modern technology instead of holding to its traditions with tourism. Also, how has tourism itself affected the styles of technology itself? Malta likely still holds tourism as an important part of the state’s existence… how has technology developed to enhance tourism and its roles? What parts of science does Malta favor most? These are also areas to touch that might enhance your thesis.


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